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Space age technology for a complete body-contouring concept.

Gentle Body Care.

Even the best training will not help against weak connective tissue alone.  The solution: similar to a lymphatic drainage, the pulsating vacuum helps bring fresh blood and oxygen into the feet and legs.  Metabolic waste products are catapulted through the veins and lymphatic nodes in the body on their return journey.  Feet and legs feel lighter spontaneously lighter.  The skin appearance in the legs improves significantly after only 8 – 10 applications. The applications take only 25 minutes and are pleasant.  Total Wellness.

The common applications are:

  • Promoting venous and lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing the circumference of the legs
  • Improved Skin Texture
  • Improved circulation

Regenerate like a professional

The field of application of negative pressure wave treatment is not only limited to the modern body contouring.  It is also used in competitive sports for injuries and to accelerate regeneration (30-40%), as for example at the Olympic Training Centre Rhein- Ruhr or at the German Sport University in Cologne.  This treatment is part of the standard repertoire of professional football clubs, such as FC Cologne or FC Barcelona​​.

You also can benefit from treatment with the “space tube “- make an appointment with us today for an introduction.

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