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Exercise is not just for sports stars who want to perfect their physical performance, but important for people with desk jobs too ! Because of the sedentary nature of many office jobs, we can easily lose our sense of balance.

Coupled with strength and endurance training, coordination training, therefore, forms an essential component of the Sport Treff support concept.


In 2008 Sport Treff became the first gym in Germany to introduce the Coordination Tower produced by market leader MFT. This unique training device supports the effectiveness of strength and endurance training in a truly unique way and complements the high-tech Milon Circuit perfectly.

The Coordination Tower contains a scientifically-tested training program that guarantees a joint-friendly and methodical way to build up your training. MFT Coordination training can be carried out independently by members at any time.

Training Tip

Warm up before training with the MFT Coordination Workout. You will be amazed how quickly and easily your muscles warm up thanks to the multiple small equalising movements.  

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