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Milon Training

Why Milon Training?

The combination of strength and endurance training is an ideal way to lose the pounds. No matter what your personal goal is, the Milon system is built on three fundamental rules: Simple, Safe, Effective:

SIMPLE – SAFE – EFFECTIVE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJxCbYhrNJI


Just insert the card and you’re ready to go ! Training should be a challenge, but not because of complicated methods or hard-to-use machines. With Milon your complete personal training program is saved on your Sport Treff membership card and always accessible.


Health is our most valuable possession. Training with incorrect weights and movements can damage your health. Instruction and guidance are, therefore, central components of our training: firstly through our highly-trained professional instructors, secondly because of the safety of the machines themselves.


Maximum success in the shortest possible time – Milon makes it possible. The technical possibilities of our machines and the scientific methods that lie behind them increase their effectiveness by 30 – 40 % compared to traditional training methods.

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