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Pregnancy represents a special time in the life of a woman. Today exercise during pregnancy is strongly recommended by the majority of experts. Not only does exercise help you to maintain your level of fitness and to recover more quickly after the birth, but it can also help avoid the unwelcome side effects of pregnancy such as back pain, digestive problems, difficulties sleeping and excess weight.


The most frequent question is how to train correctly. Just as no two pregnancies are identical, so your training during pregnancy should also be unique. With us you receive an individually-tailored training programme after, as well as during, your pregnancy.


Dr. Nadja Klag, herself a mother of four children, is your advisor on hand to answer questions and provide support on topics such as fitness, diet and mental wellbeing. She is a BSA Academy-qualified trainer specialised in training during pregnancy, rehab and health training.

Personal training sessions can also be booked by non-members for €99 / hour. Sports Treff members receive a special discounted rate of €49 / hour.

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